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  • Distribution of the limited land plots at a one-time purchase price
  • Distribution of rights as well as registration in the land register of the Metalandblocks
  • Further expansion of the already growing community as well as an international network 
  • Presentation of the business cycle and value chain to investors.
  • Selection process of the technologies
  • Sale of all plots of land
  • Growing community / international networking 
  • Preparations for blockchain implementation
  • Voting to select a blockchain
  • Courses to create a wallet 
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  • Development of the Web 2.0 MAP into an internationally adapted Web 3.0 MAP
  • Implementation of a sustainable blockchain technology in accordance with a common selection process
  • Token update transition to digital rights and wallets
  • Implementation of PCA Builder tool
  • Implementation of Metanomics business cycle.
  • Trading, distribution, & leasing of the properties on reputable trading platforms
  • Start of construction & realization of Future Living
  • Partnerships, collaborations, and monetization of advertising revenue.
  • Implementation of the own trading platform- the market place for the sale or the renting of land and real estate. 
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  • Implementation of the ecosystem for the global social community in a realistic way through compatible VR glasses 
  • Presentation of the avatar configurator - continuous updates and customizations 
  • Implementation of multiplayer - player interactions for the community 
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  • The whole new world with limitless possibilities 
  • Implementation of the digital world of work 
  • Educational opportunities, recreational activities, shopping possibilities up to fun and entertainment with the support of compatible VR suits.