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The Metalandblocks are for those who think differently
and give the world a design with their creativity.

It is a unique work of art that is created together and
arises from the different ideas. Built from self-created images and gifs.

The world belongs to those who live their vision!

  • Benefit now from the one-time payment for your block.
  • Optimize your content and stand out with creative ideas.
  • Choose and upload your photo or gif.
  • Add a link and increase your traffic.

…how are you going to design your block?

  • There are only 14.440 blocks available.
  • You can buy as many blocks as you want.
  • The number of blocks will not be increased afterwards!
  • As soon as all blocks are filled out,
    we have planned to turn the Metalandblocks into a NFT and display it on Times Square.

Take the OPPORTUNITY before all blocks are gone!

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